August 25, 2017

Privacy Policy

As a demonstration of our firm commitment to preserving user privacy, (“we,” “our,” and “us”) makes the following disclosures regarding the compilation and dissemination of your personal data.

Except as otherwise expressly stated herein, we will never sell, barter, trade, or disclose your personal data to any third party(ies).

Automated Information Tracking

We record site visitors’ IP addresses to facilitate server technical diagnoses and general web page administration. In addition, IP addresses are occasionally used for general demographic compilations.


We utilize cookies to track specific site user activities and to ensure a diversity of ad displays to individual viewers. In addition, Jmvstudio employs cookies for individualized content delivery and elimination of password re-entry for each site visit.

We may also employ specialized “DART” cookies as part of our participation in Goggle’s Adsense and DoubleClick marketing campaigns. These formats install cookies onto your computer in order to facilitate subsequent ad displays customized to your individual viewing habits and interests.

Although you may voluntarily disable cookies from us or any other third-party(ies), taking this action may result in the inaccessibility of some internal areas of this site and other sites.

Moreover, be advised that disabling or deleting cookies does not equate with permanently opting out of the receipt of the same. To permanently opt-out of Google Adsense and Google Click ad serving on all sites utilizing them, visit


We employ various third-party vendors for ad displays within our website. Such external providers may employ separate cookies to which we have no direct access.

In addition, outside advertisers may utilize non-identifying data about you to track your activities herein and to other virtual platforms for marketing purposes. For further details and information about how to opt out of such cookie placements, please see

Registration Forms

Jmvstudio’s registration forms require user input of various contact data. These include e-mail and name. All contact data provided is utilized to convey information about our firm and the forwarding of promotional materials. We may also utilize said contact data to make contact with you when deemed necessary.

You may opt out of promotional materials receipt at any time. See the section entitled “Choice/opt-out” below.

Advertising Displays

Personal and demographic data about individual site users is also utilized to customize content displays to best suit viewer interests, preferences, and personal experiences. Such selective display is done at our sole discretion.

External Links

The platform contains outgoing links to external sites. By using this site, you hold Jmvstudio and all its agents, owners, representatives, employees, or designees harmless from any damages you sustain in connection with visiting or viewing the contact displayed within such third-party sites.

Security has implemented various security devices and controls to prevent the misappropriation, destruction, and alternation of all data within our direct dominion and control. Such security features include password protection, malware scanning service, PHP program customization to prevent unauthorized access to all such areas of this site.

Choice/Opt-Out offers all users an opportunity to opt-out of promotional and marketing material receipt from us. To opt-out of such promotional marketing, please contact us.

Contacting Jmvstudio

Any questions or concerns about the foregoing Privacy Policy should be directed to us please contact us.